Courier service or express transport service

Courier service is a dedicated transport we arrange for you if a shipment is extremely urgent. We engage various couriers who will collect your cargo under our management and immediately continue the transport, without the intervention of transshipment or combined loading. This solution is usually the most expensive! You pay the courier on the basis of return transport, so double kilometres.

Not dedicated, but still express transport

There truly are more roads that lead to Rome, or to other destinations within Europe. Transports that require speed and guarantee, but do not constitute an emergency situation. These transports can be realised throughout Europe at lower costs, but with Special Service. In other words: Express without being dedicated.

Guarantee of Overnight service

With our Guarantee of Overnight service, offered through our groupage network, your shipments will be transhipped, but they will arrive at their destination at an agreed time. These transports are given priority everywhere and are guaranteed to continue their route. The depots receive a digital notification that this shipment is on its way and that a vehicle may have to wait to take this shipment to its final destination. The network therefore takes over your goods from each other on a dedicated basis and is notified of this.

Tracking shipments

Venlogistics will monitor these shipments until they are delivered. You can track the status yourself in our web portal. We ensure the shipment is delivered on the agreed day/time.

Inexpensive express transport through Europe?

You only pay for the one-way journey! That makes this form of expedited transport less expensive than using a courier. Thanks to our daily routing throughout Europe, we can often meet your demand. We look forward to amazing you with this Special Service.

  • Ideal routes
  • Not dedicated by courier but dedicated by a logistics network
  • Optimal loading of the trucks
  • You only pay from A to B and not the return journey

Please contact us with your request.