As a forwarder, we bring supply and demand together. Our experienced forwarders have an extensive network of reliable carriers and subcontractors. Thanks to our years of experience, we know the ever-changing goods flows through Europe and we have a suitable solution for every load. Our FTL and LTL department can provide you with a quick and accurate answer to any transport challenge you may have.

Growth thanks to, and for the customer

Our network strengthens and grows every year. This can be attributed to the growing volume of transport and the growth of the international network. Contacts and partnerships are becoming stronger. With your shipment volumes we are able to increase the exchange of shipments with our carriers and grow our network, in the end this results in more competitive offers

Centrally from Venlo

Due to the fact that we are located in Venlo, we have very good contacts with our domestic carriers and carriers abroad. This allows us to operate for you between the ports of Rotterdam or Antwerp to Germany and the rest of Europe. We have selected renowned inbound and outbound carriers for you.

Advantages of Venlo as our turning point

  • Crossing of roads from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp
  • Close to the Ruhr area
  • Easy access to the north, east and south
  • Dutch law and regulations

Transport management system (TMS)

Our planners monitor the loads via our TMS (transport management system) and the associated modules. We are in direct contact with our carriers and together, we prevent empty kilometres. Loading often takes place at or near the unloading points. This also applies to return shipments. As such, we optimise the load factor of our carrier, so you only pay for the space on the route to the unloading location. So empty kilometres no longer have to be taken into account.

What does FTL and LTL mean?

FTL (Full Truck Load) means transport in which a truck transports only a single load. The truck is fully loaded. The opposite of FTL is part load, also called LTL (Less Than Truckload). Ideally we combine LTL with groupage to an FTL.

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