Looking for transport options for hazardous substances?

Venlogistics offers you a wide range of options for the transport of hazardous substances. We provide transports for the majority of ADR classes.

Of course we carry out these hazardous goods transports:

  • Safely
  • Professionally
  • Certified
  • To almost all European countries

Our collaboration with partners who are trained and equipped for this, enables us to transport combined commercial goods and goods which are catagrozied as ADR. Naturally, we comply with the laws and regulations regarding the transport of hazardous goods. In addition to the statutory requirements, our umbrella network ensures compliance with these guidelines.

Please contact us with your request.

How much does the transport of hazardous goods cost?

The costs for transporting hazardous substances depend on the destination country. We can often transport these substances with minimal additional costs. Hazardous substances may incur additional costs when transported over water or through tunnels. We are happy to provide an indication of your transport request. Please contact us without obligation and we will look at the possibilities.  

What are dangerous goods?

This often concerns chemical products that may contain hazardous substances. These are qualified as dangerous goods. It is important to know whether the products you want to transport are dangerous. To find out, consult the safety data sheet or MSDS of the products. If the goods are classified as dangerous, they must be packaged and transported in a specific way. In that case, you should engage an experienced carrier such as Venlogistics. Remember, you are and remain responsible for the documentation and expert packaging.

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